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Monday, June 18, 2007


Religion is something that I try to avoid talking about. Each one is entitled to their opinion and no one should try to shove their beliefs on others. So just in case anyone is wondering, I am not trying to belittle any religion or endorse another.

Saturday, June 16th, around 7pm local time, I hop a bus heading towards the city. The radio on the bus is playing a sermon conducted by a Buddhist priest. His sermon is on the environment and how we should care more about it. He starts with an analogy from the time of the Great Buddha (Siduhath Kumaru) and how he treated the environment around him. As the sermon progresses attention is slowly diverted toward the society we live in today. Suddenly, he breaks out in to a total anti-west rant. He starts going on about how countries in the west try to come and tell us how to control our waste, although they are the ones who are causing global warming. True enough right? Then he claims that the Americans and other western nations come here, posing as environmentalists and members of the green revolution and steal our plants and herbs. Then they genetically modify them and sell them back to us. Ok, so far it isn't ridiculous right?

He then starts about how we as nation never needed advice on waste management and keeping out environment clean. He said that we've always had a neat environment and that we've always lived as part of the eco-system and not tried to destroy it. Then he brings up the example of batteries. He says that the lead in batteries causes cancer in people. He then said that westerners brought concrete here whereas we used to live in mud huts, which were cool (temperature wise) and weren't harmful to the environment. But today we have fast food, cellophane and other things that aren't bio degradable, all brought here by western countries. we must stop this and put an end to this absurd invasion...

I had to get off although I would have loved to listen to the rest. I was wondering whether it would have been better for him to tell people what they should do NOW, instead of tell people that they should go back to living in mud huts and not eat yoghurt. If you listened to him and you weren't exposed to the modern world you would believe him. He was damn convincing on every count. You would also totally trash every white man/woman you saw on the street cause they were here to steal our shit. This is the kind of mentality that's dragging our country down. This is the kinda teachings that lead to being completely bankrupt. Why can't these people, people who have gained the respect of the masses talk sense? Like what we can do NOW to keep our environment clean. Levy the government to get help from somewhere to setup recycling plants etc. Then gather the people and tell them how to use it the explain the consequences of not using it.

But no, fuck that, just go live in mud huts and stop using batteries.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bringing back me!

It’s been a little rough since I told one of my bestest friends how I feel about her. It seemed like the logical and genuine thing to do at the time. No point letting her dangle not knowing how I feel about her right? With hindsight, I understand that buried feelings are better left buried. After unearthing those feelings, which I buried in her best interest, I felt attached and wanting something I shouldn’t want to have. One thing led to another and I became possessive and jealous of some gender confused, aliceband wearing fairy.

Taking a little time to lie in bed and think about things as clearly as I could, I seem to have figured out where I went wrong. Besides I am not sure why I felt shitty cause it’s not like I am gonna have something with her. It must be the fact that she’s always been available and now suddenly her new friend(s) seem to take up most of her time. Not that it matters but it does feel a little weird. But that is how humans are. At least that’s how women are when it comes to me. So what? I got my mates and I was having a ball with my life before I decided to unearth these so called buried feelings. So there we have it, the crux of the matter. Buried feelings should fucking stay buried. Wish there was a shift+del key in our minds to completely rid us of some of the things we don’t wanna remember.

Now, upon identifying what the core of the problem was, I think I can move on and be a normal person again and not let gender confused fairies bother my excellent life. Besides I have better things to do, like trying to bring down this government and make a lot of money and buy an island. Much more important things than spending time thinking about someone who’s got new friends and has limited time for me no?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Ethnic Cleansing? Nope, just stupidity...

What started off somewhere in 1983 or so as a fight to give Tamil people the right live in a land where they aren’t discriminated has eventually led to innocent Tamil people having no place to call home. The government which is sworn to protect the rights of its people has now evicted hundreds of Tamils for no “valid” reason. In my understanding of the constitution, any Sri Lankan has the right to travel and live in any part of the country. So why is the very same government that the people elected violating their constitutional rights? Oh! Wait, these people didn’t elect him did they? Boss made a deal to ensure they don’t.

The LTTE came about because the Tamil people were being harassed left, right and center and no one stood up for them; not the police, nor the politicians of that era. Some of the Marxist, racist movements of that day still prevail and to a certain extent still hold within themselves that all Sinhala nationalist fucking mentality. That mentality that is just NOT going to work. As a modern people who have access to world news etc., we should have learned our lesson from what took place in 1983 and in Africa and in Eastern Europe and in wherever else. More than 20 years down the line it seems a little stupid to be doing the same thing over again in the name of solving the conflict. In the scenario of chasing those poor people out of their rented lodges, the government said that it was in the name of national security and to protect the Tamil people. Look, if they really wanted to protect the Tamil people, they should have carried a few investigations properly and identified who’s terrorist and who’s not. Not simply evict some people who may legitimately be in those lodges for any number of reasons. Of course none of them are “valid”. They’ve left their homes in the north/east because of this stupid war and come to Colombo in search of some sort of security. Just because the intelligence teams and whoever else can’t do their jobs properly, it doesn’t mean that these poor people have to pay the price.

This war cannot be ended militarily. Even if the leaders and everyone involved was fully committed and uncorrupt, it would be extremely difficult. The only way is to bring about some sort of peaceful solution where both parties have to reach a compromise. We all know this, but why don’t those people who’ve been elected in to posts where the decisions are made know this? Why is it so hard for them to understand this? Just like Ravana says in this post, we need to get to the root of the problem. And the root is that the Tamil people are not protected by the government. They cannot look to the government to be safe and the LTTE is making full use of this situation. Aside from giving money to them to rig elections, we need not give them a chance to strengthen themselves in front of the masses. The Tamil people are also Sri Lankans and the government of Sri Lanka needs to recognize that and stop fucking around with their lives. The Rajapakse administration needs to start taking responsibility for their actions and start acting like a responsible government. Not like some African dictator who doesn’t give a damn whether 60% of the country is unemployed and 90% of the employed 40% earns less than a dollar a day.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Top Ten TV birds I'd like to get with...

These are the top 10 birds on TV who I'd like to take home with me, get marooned on a desert island with or get locked in a jail cell with. There's no particular judging criteria cause, well, its my list and also its just the way I feel about them.

I start off with Dana Delany who stars in the hit series Kidnapped. Sure she's old and blah blah, but there's something about her that turns me on. I like the hair for one thing and although she's old she looks damn fit. So Dana is at number 10 cause she's old and I can't really figure out why I like her, but I certainly do like her.

The classic Baywatch Babe, big boobs, nice ass and wonderful legs; oh! how marvelous it is to watch her run. Carmen, as hot as she is, she's at number 9 because she's too stereotypical. Classical playboy bunny na? Apparently she's smart and has a black belt or something. Wouldn't wanna piss her off but sure as hell wouldn't miss the chance to beat her...

Heroes' Claire Bennett is probably the hottest bird on that show and she is HOT. So why is she at number 8? Well, she's a little freaky cause she doesn't get hurt/injured and heals real quick. Wonder if her hymen grows back too? hmmm!! And she wears that hideous cheerleader outfit and it looks dirty...

Robin Meade, now here's a reason to watch CNN the whole day. She's hot and you gotta love the hair... Its only the top half of her body that we get to see on CNN and that's why she's stuck at number 7.

She's the only reason I watched Lost after I lost interest in somewhere in the middle of season 1. Evangeline Lilly or Kate is the hottest of all the lost birds. I wish I got lost with her. We'd have such a great time and not want to go back to wherever we came from. I love the fact that although she's marooned on a deserted island, she's managed to work out a way to keep her eyebrows nicely plucked and her armpits shaved. Enterprising no?

Oh! boy! Cricket world cup all over again. I think I fell in love with Mandira Bedi during the world cup. She's hot, Indian and knows a thing or two about cricket. She's got the most beautiful complexion and by the looks of it very soft skin. Need I say more?

Kristen Bell, my number 4, that annoying girl from Veronica Mars who can't keep her nose out of other people's businesses. Apparently she's now in college and keeping up her rep for nosiness, in the new season. That aside she's cute, got some round bits and looks pretty damn good. I'd just love to go for dinner and then take her to my place...

Number 3 goes to Natasha Kaplinsky, the reason I used to watch Sky news back in the day when ETV used to broadcast it. Apparently she's not only beautiful but smart too. So guess there'd be some intellectual conversation before we get down and dirty. Wish we had news anchors like her...

Number 2 would have to go to Carmen Ejogo from Kidnapped. She's Nap's able partner who knows a thing or two about computers, at least that's how the character goes. She's British too, I mean in the Show and boy does that accent turn me on. Besides you gotta love the hair no?

The number 1 TV bird I'd like to get with is Elisha Cuthbert. She's luscious and has an amazing body. Her acting isn't bad but who cares when you look like that right? How I wish she was the girl next door...

So that's it. The 10 hottest birds from various TV shows...


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