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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bringing back me!

It’s been a little rough since I told one of my bestest friends how I feel about her. It seemed like the logical and genuine thing to do at the time. No point letting her dangle not knowing how I feel about her right? With hindsight, I understand that buried feelings are better left buried. After unearthing those feelings, which I buried in her best interest, I felt attached and wanting something I shouldn’t want to have. One thing led to another and I became possessive and jealous of some gender confused, aliceband wearing fairy.

Taking a little time to lie in bed and think about things as clearly as I could, I seem to have figured out where I went wrong. Besides I am not sure why I felt shitty cause it’s not like I am gonna have something with her. It must be the fact that she’s always been available and now suddenly her new friend(s) seem to take up most of her time. Not that it matters but it does feel a little weird. But that is how humans are. At least that’s how women are when it comes to me. So what? I got my mates and I was having a ball with my life before I decided to unearth these so called buried feelings. So there we have it, the crux of the matter. Buried feelings should fucking stay buried. Wish there was a shift+del key in our minds to completely rid us of some of the things we don’t wanna remember.

Now, upon identifying what the core of the problem was, I think I can move on and be a normal person again and not let gender confused fairies bother my excellent life. Besides I have better things to do, like trying to bring down this government and make a lot of money and buy an island. Much more important things than spending time thinking about someone who’s got new friends and has limited time for me no?


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Tevez wears an alice band and he is all kinds of awesome.

  2. funny how that "saying how you feel" jazz never goes down..oh well..once its out, its out...btw a dude who wears an Alice band, sure he's not the gay friend?

  3. Yeah.. anon, did Tevez talk to a girl you were in love with?

    N:Apparently he's not gay. bi or something. can't even decide on that. loser yeah?

  4. P.S. you talking about carolos tevez? If it were someone like would i have a problem? I'd prolly end up hanging with him...

  5. Ur anonymous friend :)1:30 PM

    It might feel shitty having unearthed it but isn't it better than a 'what if' many months/yrs down the line? It is a terrible terrible terrible situ to be in, when u get soo close to someone without being able to give the damn relationship an apt name. Jst remember things will happen the way they were meant to happen. I am beginning to sound like some old shrink. What do u think? :D

  6. savi37:47 PM

    fascinating.. i wonder where all this fits with the erroneous SMS u sent me..LOL..

    aww.. poor Scourge. i hope it all works out good in the end. xx



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